The Dofus 2 Maging bot

Customize your items the way you want

Tell us what stats you want on your items and we'll do the rest.


Installation instructions


OCR Data Gathering

Data is collected by taking a screenshot of the client and parsing necessary information using powerful OCR technologies. This ensures complete undetectability and stability throughout Dofus updates.

Human-like Behavior

Simulating mouse and keyboard strokes makes the bot indistinguishable from human players. Your safety is our number one priority!

Regular Updates

Inkybot is under active development and will continue to be improved long after the official release. We play Dofus too, so we are committed to make maging with Inkybot better than maging by yourself in every way - for you and for us!


Let's build Inkybot together! We listen and encourage suggestions on how we can improve our services. Join our Discord server now!

Works Out Of The Box

You don't have to rely on foreign scripts to get the job done. Everything is built in-house and simply works! However, if you would like to specialize the AI for a specific item, you can write your own extension script!


Receive notifications for special events that may occur during maging. Watch a movie and let Inkybot notify you when it's done with an item.


Check out Inkybot in action. This video was recorded while the staff was off eating lunch.
Spend your time elsewhere, let Inkybot do its thing. Don't let maging be frustrating.

Please keep in mind this is a timelapse video. Maging is not that fast.


Inkybot pricing follows a typical monthly subscription based model.
We do not support recurring payments, the customer must repurchase subscription manually each month.
Thank you for your support.

Free trial
  • 1 hour use
  • Basic Maging
  • Unlimited use
  • Maging with sink
  • Exomaging
  • Overmaging
  • Magus profession leveling*
€8 / month

* Features are under active development and have not yet been made available

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Check out success stories in the Hall of fame and see what Inkybot brings to the table.
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